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x x x x x x The Radeon R9 X is a high-end graphics card by AMD, launched in June Built on the 28 nm process, and based on the Grenada graphics processor, in its Grenada XT variant, the card supports DirectX This ensures that all modern games will run on Radeon R9 X. Aug 26,  · Sapphire R9 X 8GB TRI-X. Seasonic X-Series W 80+ GOLD Try cleaning both AMD and Nvidia drivers using DDU and install the latest AMD drivers . Apr 16,  · Starting off with the top end radeon r9 x tri-x oc, we are looking at. Get the best deals on amd radeon r9 x amd computer graphics cards and find everything you’ll need to improve your home office setup at. The tri-x cooler keeps the gpu temperature at a low level contributing to an. The sapphire nation is your gaming community.


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Requires an AMD FreeSync™ technology certified capable display and AMD graphics product. Compatible with AMD Radeon™ R9 , , X, , , X, R7 , X, , R9 Fury series, and Radeon RX series products with Windows® 7// Feature is not available worldwide and may not be available in your country or area. Jan 22,  · With Radeon R9 / GPUs there is a bit of a catch in order to get MHS Ethash mining hashrate with about W of power usage per video card (with optimized video BIOS for lower power usage). It is only possible to do it under Linux as the AMD video drivers for Windows 10 do not feature support for Compute Mode for Hawaii GPUs and. May 31,  · An AMD specific graphics driver update should work. All I could suggest is to completely remove the current HP AMD graphics drivers which must be verified in Control Panel, Device Manager. Verification should show Windows base or generic drivers. No AMD drivers should be present in .
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AMD Radeon R9 X Drivers & Specs
AMD Radeon (TM) R9 390X drivers for Windows 10 x64
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AMD Radeon R9 vs AMD Radeon R9 X: What is the difference?
ASPLinux supports 1C’s movement towards open source platforms

1C’s announced movement towards open source platforms, announced in the winter of 2021, is enthusiastically supported by 1C partner companies, whose products are published in Russia under the 1C: Distribution brand. While the 1C developers are preparing their own version of 1C Enterprise for Linux, the Russian Linux developer ASPLinux has prepared a new product in the 1C Distribution line – ASPLinux Server ConfPoint Edition 1.0, designed to create an enterprise domain and launch the network version of “1C Enterprise” under Linux.

Server deployment based on ASPLinux Server ConfPoint Edition 1.0 will cost several times cheaper than using Microsoft server solutions. Simplicity and ease of deployment and administration are provided by several innovations that distinguish ASPLinux Server ConfPoint Edition 1.0 from the well-known server distribution ASPLinux Server IV. First of all, it is a graphical control console that runs from Microsoft Windows on any computer on the network and allows you to remotely manage all services and server settings in the form familiar to any administrator. To further simplify the work with the product, especially for small businesses, the delivery of the product already includes a typical server configuration, which provides the ability to install and run the network version of “1C Enterprise”.

Prior to the release of the box to the public sale, the developer and publisher conducted compatibility testing of the new product, which resulted in ASPLinux Server ConfPoint Edition 1.0 received from the specialists of the company “1C” the certificate “Compatible! System of programs 1C: Enterprise “.

The main purpose of the ASPLinux Server ConfPoint Edition ver.one.0 (ASPLinux CPE) – creation of a workgroup server or enterprise domain with automatic installation of all the necessary components for organizing a full-fledged computer network of an enterprise and launching network products of the 1C: Enterprise line of versions 7.7 or 8.0 (Shares, HASP Server, User Groups).To simplify configuration and administration as much as possible, the product includes ASPLinux ConfPoint, a graphical management console that runs in the Microsoft Windows environment and allows you to manage the following ASPLinux server services from any computer on the network:

  • Users & Groups (server users and groups management);
  • FileSystem (server directory management);
  • Samba (file server, domain or workgroup server);
  • CUPS (Network Print Service)
  • DHCP (dynamic distribution of ip-addresses);
  • DNS (name service); IPTables (firewall service).

Special functions of the ASPLinux ConfPoint console implemented in the ASPLinux CPE:

  • One-button creation of an enterprise domain from the console;
  • Setting up a file server for typical work with the software package “1C: Enterprise” versions 7.7 or 8.0 “one button”, with the creation of all necessary resources and user groups “by default” and the ability to change the settings if necessary.

Since ASPLinux Server ConfPoint Edition is a full-fledged server solution based on the well-known distribution kit ASPLinux Server IV, using the new solution, you can also deploy additional services:

  • mail server;
  • caching proxy server;
  • SQL server based on PostreSQL or MySQL DBMS;
  • www and ftp server.