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Mp3fox free mp3 download.MP3Fox – rename MP3 and WMA files

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Ferroelectricity of nanostructures + water = memory with amazing storage density

The joint work of scientists from three universities (University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University and Harvard University) allows us to hope for the development of memory elements in the near future, which will be characterized by a very high data storage density.

A team of the three above universities has proposed a new, surprisingly effective method for stabilizing and controlling ferroelectricity in nanostructures.

Ferroelectrics are an important technological smart material and
are used for many applications because they have dipoles that can
“on” and “off”, which allows you to make a base unit of them
memory – 0 or 1.

Jonathan Spanier, University Fellow
in Drexel commented on the invention:
“It is amazing to see how one guide or
even a few of its atoms can function as stable and controlled
dipole memory element “. Professor Spanier with
colleagues have successfully demonstrated the benefits of memory bit stabilization
water in a segment of nanoscale oxide, which is only 3 billionth

“We had
it is extremely interesting how water will react with oxide, in
in particular, we are pleasantly surprised that it was water that was the key
an ingredient in order for the “postings” to have memory “,
– said one of the project participants.

the same concerns the final benefit – obtaining memory elements with a very high density,
then there is no very accurate data yet (the ratio of the length of the conductor to MB (GB)), but
it is assumed that using this approach it will be possible to obtain memory elements,
which will have a density of the order of 100,000 Tbit / cm3. If this memory density can be achieved in commercially available products…the popular MP3 player
iPod nano can be equipped with enough memory to listen to 300,000. years!
Of course, the next iteration of the player will have an increased amount of memory for
MP3, but manufacturers do not dare to dream of such volumes yet.

Source: Physorg