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Dpc latency tuner


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Without and/or before with my old and R9 Fury I’ve been around , with the it`s at minimum on 40 and usually in the s with the latency fix. Without it . Aug 03,  · Here’s how to Fix High DPC Latency problem in your Windows Learn more?* ?v=blhjZOgTtg8 Fix This device cannot find enough fr. The DPC latency varies depending on the applications you are running (foreground and background). It’s mostly influenced by audio data streams, video data streams and network activity (wireless, ethernet, bluetooth), but that’s not all, for example mouse movement also causes DPC latency to rise.


Dpc latency tuner.The case of DPC latency

Jul 31,  · Hi All, afraid I need some technical help. I (unfortunately) just bought a dell laptop (Lattitude ) for use with cakewalk. On paper, this thing is a beast: iHQ processor, 16 Gb Ram, Pcie(4x) SSD. It’s a great laptop, very fast and capable, but turns out it’s completely unusable with any audio program due to DPC latency. Mar 29,  · First, I believe DPC Latency checker doesn’t work in Win10 or Win8. I think it always gives values around us. So check on that before you go any further. LatencyMon is an alternative that, I believe, works in Win CPU power really doesn’t have much to do with DPC latency. My i5 k sits around 40 us and my i7 k sits around 80 us. Jul 08,  · DPC Latency Tuner is a convenient tool that helps you optimize your PC settings to get a smooth audio/video playback experience and a faster responsive system. You can regulate the CPU, iGPU ratio, and DRAM frequency easily when playing different games. A higher frequency multiplication can bring good image resolution.5/5(2).
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So What is this DPC LAtency thing and how do I know I’m getting it? : nvidia

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